Privacy policy

In general, any visit made to the website Kunstindeks Danmark (Art Index Denmark) will be anonymous. The website does however register that a visit has been made, including which web pages have been visited. Furthermore, most browsers will reveal their make and version number to the website, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01. More specifically, the following will be registered:

  • the IP address of the computer accessing the website
  • the URL address of the web pages visited
  • the time of the visit.

This information is used to generate statistical information about visits to the website on an ongoing basis. The statistics do not include any information that makes it possible to identify individual persons.

If you submit an email in connection with a specific case to one of the contact addresses mentioned on the website, or if a case is created in response to your request, your request will be filed with the case. Case records will be covered by the regulations stipulated in e.g. Danish legislation on public administration and access to public administration.

In order to use the website's XML import/export function or web services, you must be registered as a user of the service. This option is only available for employees at Danish state-owned or state-subsidised museums or by special agreement with the Agency for Culture and Palaces.