Search Tips

Are you having problems finding a specific artist or artwork?

Try using wildcards in your search, when you are uncertain about a name, year or title. You have several wildcard options:
Der er flere muligheder:

  • Use the question mark ("?") in place of a specific letter or number. For example, write "Ja?obsen", if you are unsure whether the artist's name is spelled Jakobsen or Jacobsen.
  • Use the asterisk ("*") in place of several letters, words or numbers in a search string.
    For example, write "chicken*", if you want to find a title that includes the word "chicken". This would give you search results such as "The chicken run by the manor house" and "A fox in the chicken run".
  • You should note that you cannot use an asterisk or a question mark at the beginning of a search string. For example, it is not possible to search for "?inter", when you are uncertain whether the name Winter is spelled with V or W.
  • Use the tilde ("~") after a word to search for words that are similar to each other.
    For example, write "Vinter~", if you want to search for artists with the names Vinter, Vinther, Winter and Winther.

Did you get no or only a few search results?

  • Try to fill in fewer fields (search criteria).
  • Try making a search with wildcards (see above).
  • When more fields are filled in, the search criteria entered will be linked by "AND". The search result will then match all the criteria entered. This means that if one of the criteria is incorrect, e.g. the year, your search will not be successful.

Did you get too many search results?

  • Try to narrow down your search by entering more search criteria.
  • If you are certain about a title, put it in quotation marks.
    For example, write "Jutland landscape. On a clear day in May" to search the precise title and exclude any other titles that contain one or more of the words entered.
  • If you enter more words in the same field without putting them in quotation marks, the machine will make an "OR" search. For example, if you write "Jutland landscape" in the title field, the search result list will then show you all titles that contain the word "Jutland" along with all the titles that contain the word "landscape".

Did you get an unsatisfactory search result when you searched for a name in the Person Portrayed field or for a place in the Topographical Motif field?

  • Try to enter the same search criterion in the Full Text Search field.