Marie Sandholt


Th. Bierfreund i: Kunst, V, 1903 (Villa Eltham); Pol. 13.5.1906 (E. Hannover); 21.1.1929 (K. Pontoppidan); 25.9.1942; Berl.Aft. 10.1.1907; Før og Nu, VI, 1921, 278; Berl. Tid. 12.1.1929; Nat.tid. 13.1.1929 (Th. Faaborg); 15.1.1929 (interv.); 9.3.1943 (J. Zibrandtsen).

Author: Vera Rasmussen (Ve.R.) Abbreviations Notice: The information comes from the 4th version of Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon. The editing of the encyclopedia ended in 1994. The information is not continuously updated.