Friedrich Thøming


Thøming, Ferdinand Christian Friedrich, 1802-1873, maler. *27.8.1802 i Eckernförde, ?21.4.1873 i Napoli, begr.smst. Forældre: Rektor Johann Wilhelm T. og Agnete Johanna Cathrina Staack. ~ca. 1845 med Catharina Clementina Frome, *ca. 1817 i Napoli, ?5.1.1892 smst., datter af Bernardo F. og Margherita Theobald.

Author: Dyveke Helsted (D.H.) Abbreviations Notice: The information comes from the 4th version of Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon. The editing of the encyclopedia ended in 1994. The information is not continuously updated.