Max Nathan


Aarhus Amtstid. 21.9.1919; Jyll.p. 22.11.1921; 25.3.1923; Berl. Tid. 15.2.1922 (K. Flor); 4.11.1930; 28.5.1934; Aarhuus Stiftstid. 22.3.1936 (R. Gandrup); Pol. 22.1.1952 (nekr.); Den gl. By (udg.): Billeder fra Det gamle Århus, II, 1953, 3.

Author: Vera Rasmussen (Ve.R.) Abbreviations Notice: The information comes from the 4th version of Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon. The editing of the encyclopedia ended in 1994. The information is not continuously updated.