Hjalmar Matthiessen


KE 1904. Separatudstillinger: Carl Hesselberg Jensens Kunsthdl., Fr.cia 1908; Hestbek Jensens Bog- og Kunsthdl., Fr.cia; Kleis' Kunsthdl., Kbh. 1920, 1925; Bachs Kunsthdl., Kbh.; Chr. Larsens Kunsthdl., Kbh.; To fæstningsdrenge, Fr.cia Mus. 1981-82 (s.m. Hugo M.).

Author: Sys Hartmann (S.H.) Abbreviations Notice: The information comes from the 4th version of Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon. The editing of the encyclopedia ended in 1994. The information is not continuously updated.